Miš USB HAVIT Gamenote MS1017 optična gaming RGB 6400DPI – črna

Šifra: MS1017
Šifra proizvajalca: MS1017 ochre
EAN: 6939119051907
Proizvajalec: HAVIT
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Havit MS1017 gaming mouse

Take your gameplay to the next level. The Havit MS1017 gaming mouse will meet the expectations of even the most demanding gamers. Programmable 7 buttons and 6-step sensitivity adjustment up to 6400DPI will allow you to perfectly adjust its operation to your needs and habits. Ergonomic design of the device means that you can play for hours without fear of fatigue, and colorful RGB backlighting gives it a unique, gaming character.


Adjust mouse speed

The right mouse is an essential piece of equipment for any gamer. The Havit MS1017 provides instant response to your movements – it will delight you with its reliable performance. You can also adjust its sensitivity in the range of 800/1600/2400/3200/4800/6400DPI. Use this ability to adapt the mouse to the current game situation, don’t let your opponents take you by surprise, and achieve another impressive victory!


Programmable buttons

Now your gaming mouse can work exactly the way you want it to. The MS1017 is equipped with 7 programmable buttons and supports macro editing – you can easily customize its operation to suit your needs. With Havit, you can prepare for any eventuality. You can easily set up your mouse to meet your needs and perform in any game. With just a few clicks you can perform even the most complex actions and surprise your opponents.


Created for your convenience

Get the gaming comfort you’ve been dreaming of. The Havit MS1017 mouse fits perfectly in your hand without putting undue strain on your wrists. So you can play for as long as you want – no danger of muscle pain or fatigue. The non-slip surface of the device makes it even more pleasant to use. Enjoy even the most dynamic game – the mouse will provide comfort and will not slip out of your hands.


Configurable RGB backlight

Pulsating RGB gaming backlighting is eye-catching and gives the mouse a unique character. With up to 16 million colors, the device looks great and can be a great decoration for your desk. What’s more, the MS1017 offers amazing lighting effects that you can personalize with special software. Get yourself a gaming mouse that will not only impress you with its functionality, but also with its fantastic design.




Brand Havit
Model MS1017
Color Ochre
Interface USB
Dimensions 125x67x41mm
Number of buttons 7
DPI 800/1600/2400/3200/4800/6400
Operating voltage 5V±10%
Key life 5,000,000 clicks
Cable length 1.5m