Tipkovnica +MIŠ Gaming set 2in1 Havit Gamenote KB852CM Tipkovnica in miš

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Havit KB852CM 2-in-1 gaming set

Havit KB852CM gaming set may prove to be indispensable for many gamers. The keyboard with anti-ghosting system is perfect for any game and the mouse with 4-level DPI adjustment up to 3200 provides instant response and incredible smoothness of operation. An additional advantage of the devices is their unique design, which makes them also ideal for your desk.




No more turning off the game by accident

Advanced anti-ghosting system is an ideal solution for every gamer. Thanks to its application you will avoid accidental game over – your game will never be interrupted at the most inappropriate time again! Forget about unwanted interruptions in the game – defeat due to an unexpected return to the desktop is no longer a threat.




Conveniently chat with friends during gameplay

Stay in touch with your friends while you’re playing. Havit comes with a practical phone cradle so you can keep your phone close at hand. Place your smartphone in it and enjoy the convenience! It’s the perfect way to communicate with your teammates in your favorite game.




Customize the DPI to fit your needs

Customize your mouse to match the dynamics of the game and your preferences. You can easily adjust the sensitivity between 1000-1600-2400-3200 DPI. You’ll get lightning-fast response and incredible smoothness. With Havit gaming equipment, you have a chance to defeat even the most powerful opponents!




A design that will impress you

Both the keyboard and mouse in the set are distinguished by their stylish yet ergonomic design. They do not strain your wrists and do not tire your hands, so you can play comfortably even for long hours. Their timeless style makes them a great addition to your desk. The keyboard has been designed to make key pressing easy, comfortable and quiet.



Specification – keyboard

Brand Havit
Interface USB
Size 439x203x26mm
Key number 108
Operating voltage 5V
Operating current ≤300mA
Key life 5 000 000 times
Cable length 1.5m


Specification – mouse

Brand Havit
Interface USB
Size 124x68x41mm
Key number 6
DPI 1000-1600-2400-3200
Operating voltage 5V
Key life 3 000 000 times
Cable length 1.5m


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